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Check out Smokiewhite's latest Hits "She Drop Low" and "A Brewster's Billion" Available Now on iTunes!



Ashley Royer Model

She walked in the room and her smile caught everyone's attention. Her laugh was infectious and they all adored her. That's the Ashley Royer infection everyone feels when she does appearances and shows. The Modeling Demo we put together for her features Smokiewhite's latest hit single "She Drop Low," available on iTunes...She Drop Low [Read More]

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Sometimes in entertainment, there is so much glitter and gold. But, it's more like smoke and mirrors at times. Artists get on stage with some hot outfit while fire and lights dance all over the stage. The artist opens her mouth and a pre-recorded track comes out! But, Rachel Shambaugh has it! And you know what I mean. She has IT! She gets in fro [Read More]

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Natalie Grant

I've been watching all the hoopla about Natalie Grant leaving the Grammy's and my own thought about it finally occurred to me. What I mean by that is by the time I found out about the incident, most of the things I would have thought on the subject had already been said. To catch people up, she left the Grammy's early and then posted on facebook [Read More]

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Justin Bieber News

The big talk about Justin Bieber this morning is how he was drag racing after dropping major cash in a strip club. Let's just put it this way, the girl's just paid off their cars and are looking at buying houses. Then, he was arrested for suspicion of a DUI. Of course, he has been in the news lately for egging his neighbor's house, his own got r [Read More]

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A Novel A River in the Ocean

The Kindle version of my book A River in the Ocean is being offered free on Amazon today and tomorrow. That's right! I'm giving it away for two days, October 4 and October 5, 2013. If you don't have a kindle, don't worry about it. You can still read the book on your computer and other devices. Kindle has free apps that you can download and they [Read More]

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