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Bella Hadid Rocked The Runway Without Underwear For 'Unknown Girl' Premiere

Mark my words! Bella Hadid will soon make the transition from the catwalk to the big screen. When she showed up at Cannes in the now infamous Alexandre Vauthier red dress, all eyes were on her. You'll soon understand why. She was absolutely flawless. She made jaws drop and necks break. But, I haven't even told you the best part yet. She was [Read More]

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Axl Rose Heading The Legendary AC/DC And The Collaboration Works

When Brian Johnson made his announcement not to tour with AC/DC because of a hearing loss risk, the show seemed over. Who could replace Brian Johnson? It was hard enough finding a replacement for Bon Scott back in 1980 when the band had discover Brian in the first place. But, AC/DC may have found someone who can step into those shoes. It takes a [Read More]

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Jennifer Aniston Named 'World's Most Beautiful Woman' And We're Like 'We Know'

As I have mentioned on quite a few occasions, you all are well aware of my love affair with Jennifer Aniston. As you also very well know she has no idea about it. It's just one of those things. We would have been dating now for about 20 years. I just wasn't able to get a message through to her that those were my intentions. Totally my fault. [Read More]

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In Shocking News, Famous WWE Superstar Chyna Has Passed Away

The news that hit early this morning was definitely shocking to millions of WWE fans. But the news was confirmed that Wrestler Chyna Joan Laurer has passed away. At the time, the cause of her death is unknown. I won't speculate. Rumors are flying. But, I would just like to remember her the way she would like to be remembered and the way all her [Read More]

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Iskra Lawrence Slays Body Shamer Who Thought He Was Going To Put Her Down

Some people simply refuse to grow up. They want to judge the world on their standards. Sometimes, those standards were handed down from generation to generation and don't apply anymore. When you are beautiful and confident, people notice. Especially the haters! They don't like the idea that they can't pull it off. They hate the idea that they ha [Read More]

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Nine Year Old Breaks Murder Case First Before Any Other News Agency Knew About It

In Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, a town of about 5,000 people, a vicious murder went down on Ninth Street. Reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak was there to break the news. The thing about that is she is 9. That's right! She's 9 years old. Her father was a reporter for the New York Daily News and he used to show her around the newsroom. She became addicted a [Read More]

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When Azealia Banks Tweeted Assaults At Sarah Palin, It Demonstrated How The Information War Is Being Lost

What is the world's worst nightmare? It's not about the world going to war or a terrible dictator running everything. Think about it. The world has already seen all that. So really, what is it? It's something else the world has already seen. Only it's what leads nations to go to war and it's what leads free people to become subservient to the [Read More]

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Interview About A Lady Who Crashed Through Restaurant Hijacked By Weird Guy

When a lady ran through a restaurant, it stunned everyone around. What was she doing? Was she even paying attention? A journalist assigned to get to the bottom of the story was on sight to get the reaction from the people who were there. That's about the time that a young gentleman gave his input. He had a lot to say on the subject. But, there w [Read More]

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Adult Film Stars Get Asked: Does Your Family Know?

Being an adult film star used to be taboo. But, it's recognized now. It's a legitimate industry. After all, what drives an industry? Is there a need for it? Yes. So, it's an industry. But, I think people started to pay attention to the adult film stars when they learned how much some of these girls and guys were making. They have carved out s [Read More]

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MMA Fighters Who Suddenly Snapped And Went Crazy On Their Victims

Some people just can't keep their heads straight. They fight so hard for everything they have in this world and they lose their minds. But when it's an MMA fighter, that's called snapping on a whole new level. They train to fight the toughest people in the world. So when they lose their minds, it's like a bull in an antique shop. Nothing is saf [Read More]

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