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The True Story Behind The Girl Who Speaks American

I have enjoyed watching this video go viral, a girl talking about how there are over five languages in the world and she speaks American. She doesn't understand why there is any need for Britishan, Canadian, Hawaiian or Alaskan. She talks about the language barrier because she asked a guy in the UK how much something costs and he told her how much [Read More]

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Awesome Ladies Of Television And Why I Watch The Shows I Do

Elementary is the contemporary version of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is a consultant with the police and Dr. Watson is his assistant. He's a bit quirky and has reason for everything. He's not perfect. But, his assistant keeps him in check. And she's the real reason I watch the show. I normally choose my shows by the characters who are in them. F [Read More]

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The Famous Mountain Man Joins The Growing List Of Passing Legends

I don't think a week throughout history has ever claimed more celebrities than this past one. Beginning with the legend David Bowie and then taking British actor Alan Rickman, this tragic week ended with the passing of Grizzly Adams, Dan Haggerty. Famous for his role as the Mountain Man in The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Dan was an American [Read More]

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Rock Legend Dies At Age 70 And Is Remembered By Everyone He Touched

Lemmy Kilmister lived by his words, "People don't become better when they're dead; you just talk about them as if they are. But it's not true! People are still assholes, they're just dead assholes!" Not afraid of death. In fact, he only just found out he had the cancer that took his life. On December 26, he was diagnosed. He didn't even have eno [Read More]

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Taylor Swift Set To Dominate The Grammy Awards

When Taylor Swift first came out around 2006, she was putting out a lot of hits. But, first time wonders have always come and gone. Was Taylor Swift going to be just another one? In 2006, there were female pop stars of all kinds. Britney Spears was still on the scene. But the power was in the hands of Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige, S [Read More]

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How Hot Is Amy Schumer? She Rocks And Who Says She Don't?

Amy Schumer is getting some awesome attention these days. She's the top rated comedian because she's so damn hilarious, she can send people to the hospital for laughing too hard. Don't think it can't be done. If you laugh too hard, you can get a hernia or something. Things can split inside of you and that's why they say, "split your sides." Amy [Read More]

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On 'Today,' Charlie Sheen To Make Huge Personal Announcement

I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie Sheen came out and said he has HIV. But, how in the world does everyone seem to think that's what he'll say? It seems too obvious. I love the blindside. You think one thing and another happens. The way it works is if people hype something up and then Charlie Sheen comes on Today and makes a totally different an [Read More]

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It Gives A Whole New Dimension To The Term Butter Face

You know what the term "butter face" means. We've heard it all our lives. Men been saying it for years. You know when you're looking at someone from behind and you're admiring the view, but then they turn around and you spit up your beer. She looked good from the back. But, nature wasn't kind to her face. "Butter Face" by Gulf to Bay Goons n [Read More]

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He's A Cocky Fighter Who Finds Out Real Quick He's Not As Good As He Thought He Was

That moment when a fighter thinks he's all that. He's as cocky as it gets and it's hardly anything anyone can stand. He has his song and dance before the fight with his huge entourage. All while the other fighter is just waiting for him to get in the ring. The entourage does what the fighter wants. Then, he hugs them all as if this is the hugest [Read More]

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Happy Hump Day 'Playboy' Best In Week Review

For the Hump Day highlight, the best in Playboy from last week has gorgeous new models as well as names you already know. They bring us the most beautiful women in the world and it's my job to make sure I bring them to you. Its not a tough job. The toughest part of it is deciding which models will be on this week's review. When you go through th [Read More]

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