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Aisha Tyler Is Lit

As a huge Friends fan, of course I was drawn to watch Aisha Tyler’s stand up show on Comedy Central.  Remember her, she was the Paleantologist who dated Joey and then finally realized that Ross was the better choice.  Yeah, that’s her.
So, I turn the channel to Comedy Central and she kicked it in with the funniest video.  The interesting part about it was that the music was actually good.  The topic, “Nowassitall.”  That’s right.  Aisha Tyler has Nowassitall, Nowassitall, Nowassitall.
It was a good song, the video was funny and she was hot.  I didn’t even know she was a comedian until just now.  I just thought she was an actress.  But, she’s funny.

Watch Aisha Tyler Video

Watch Aisha Tyler Video

Her jokes about myspace were the best though.  I like when she was talking about a girl’s profile where she was a teacher, she goes to church and she has three kids.  Then, the picture is of her with hardly any clothes on and she’s flashing a sexy pose.  It just doesn’t match.
Another myspace joke was about the girl who took her own picture in the bathroom mirror.  “If you don’t have any friends or you can’t find a stranger to take a picture of you…”  Then, of course you could see the girl’s studio apartment in the picture where there were trash, empty bottles and homeless people.
Anyway, she’s a good show.  You should catch her show on Comedy Central, Aisha Tyler is Lit.  Live at the Filmore.  You’ll get a kick out of it.

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