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Amanda Bynes Is Back And She's All That…Again

Amanda Bynes made a pretty bold statement when she was on Hollyscoop with Diana Madison. But, let’s talk about other things first. Like the fact that she looks great.
Of course, she’s always looked great. There are only a few times in her life when she may have published a selfie and it wasn’t her best angle. But, we all have those days. Mine is every day.
The thing is that Amanda grew up a child star. She started in shows at the tender age of 12 when she was in an episode of Sports Theater with Shaquille O’Neal. She went on to host her own show when she 13 years-old.
Most people remember her from All That and What I Like About You as well as a few movies like What A Girl Wants and She’s The Man. Her fans loved her because she was that sweet girl who stayed innocent throughout her childhood.

Amanda Bynes On The Red Carpet

She Always Had A Great Sense Of Style

She Was A Trend-Setter With Stunning Looks

Then, the truth came out. When it did, it shocked a lot of fans. She was not the Amanda Bynes everyone grew to love and adore. But, she’s human. We can give her that.
Most people would have broken long ago if they had grown up a child star the way Amanda did. It’s hard to have that kind of responsibilities. Child stars are going to work while most kids are playing in the yard. Okay, I just dated myself a little bit. What I meant was, while most kids are playing video games. Yeah, that’s it.
Anyway, Amanda fell victim to the celebrity world that can ruin careers. But, it looks to me like she’s a survivor. She came through. And now, she has an announcement. Check out what she wanted her fans to know!

She’s Getting Into Fashion

She Wants To Start Her Own Clothing Line…

But, that’s not the announcement I’m talking about! She has more news for you and you’ll love seeing her anyway. You haven’t seen her for years. So, enjoy!

What Is Amanda Bynes Trying To Tell Us?

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