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America’s Got Talent – The Night No One Will Forget


Nowhere in America’s history or the world for that matter for all those who tuned in tonight has there ever been a more surprising evening.  I was shocked when they announced who won.

Wow!  Every act tonight was off the chain.  America’s Got Talent has advanced the finest acts it had.  There are absolutely no mistakes this year.

Not one person got through who didn’t deserve it.  There are quite a few people who were left behind and they were very good.  But the people who are in are the most talented.

Yet, the one who is most talented has already been discovered.  She is a little angel who is already a star and great things will come from her in the very near future.  She has only just begun and she is already much bigger than the little person who holds that voice.

Prince Poppycock was an amazing contestant.  He had the funniest things to say when it was his time to say them.  But, he had an outstanding attitude and even though I knew he would not win tonight, it was still hard to watch him leave.

Fighting Gravity was the perfect choice to leave next.  They will be the headliner of an act of their own and I’ll go see it someday because they were awesome.  But, it was their time to leave.  America’s Got Talent put Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho head to head.  What more suspense could you ask?!

The look on Jackie’s face though was priceless.  You could tell she really liked Fighting Gravity.  And for a second there, I think she forgot she was in a competition and it was like her heart dropped when they mentioned that Fighting Gravity did not win.  Amazing little girl!

And then, what?

Michael Grimm is announced the winner.  He has great talent and he deserves to go far.  But, my heart literally broke for my little angel Jackie.  She was so humble and that made her even more dear in my heart.  But, I was truly surprised to hear Michael Grimm’s name announced.

He was equally just as surprised.  I think he had feelings deep down inside that even he didn’t think he won.  But, that’s just how he is.  He does deserve it.  He truly deserves it.

I just can’t wait to see what great things come from my Jackie Evancho.  You did a great job honey!  All of America is very proud of you.

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