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America's Got Talent: They've Lost Their Minds

Tim Hockenberry America's Got TalentWatching Night Three deliberations on America’s Got Talent and I realized a few things. It all begins in how they split everyone up at first. Then, it ends with how they deliberated at the end.
First of all, they eliminated acts right off the bat. People were promised spots in Las Vegas and they were denied those spots before they even had a chance to show their talent a second time. Wrong! Wrong from the get go!
Then, they chose acts to go forward to New York immediately. Those acts weren’t the best. I think one act deserved to move forward. But, I wanted to see all the acts before I made up my mind about who I like. If they were going to send people forward without a second audition, they could have picked way better acts than the ones they did.
Then, we have the Favorites and the Standbys. I’m fine with either group. But, I wouldn’t have sent anyone home until I saw all the acts. They deliberated over the Favorites and then they deliberated over the Standbys.
I think the Standbys are in that category for a reason. They should stand the greatest chance of not going forward and they are put on notice from day one in Las Vegas. So, you let all the Favorites go first and then you make notes. Watch the Standbys and make more notes. Then, deliberate all at once leaving only a few seats for the absolute best Standbys to fill.
But, that’s just me. I watched talent go home that shouldn’t have and I saw talent stay that shouldn’t have even been given a chance. Take Big Barry for instance.
Plenty of talent left, but this guy goes to New York:

Sad thing is, I haven’t even picked my favorite yet. By now, I normally have two or three!

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