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Aubrey O’Day My Celebrity Apprentice Queen

Aubrey O'DayI am now a huge Aubrey O’Day fan as a result of the 2012 Celebrity Apprentice. She made it to the top three and I was surprised she was fired.

After it being narrowed to the final two, other celebrities were invited back to help. So, Arsenio and Clay started choosing. Aubrey was picked last.

When Clay sat everyone down, I think he should have addressed the fact that Aubrey was selected last and even why. I completely understood what he was doing.

Clay knew in the back of his mind that he would get Aubrey because Arsenio would not choose her. So, Clay was going for everyone else he could get and I thought he chose a good lineup.

Penn Jillette is a great presence onstage and a great thinker offstage as well. When he is put into a pitch room, he comes out with the greatest stuff you can imagine.

Dee Snyder is a one-of-a-kind musician who was instrumental in bringing Twisted Sister to mainstream when most parents were crying over what Rock and Roll had become. Greatest line Dee said, “If you would have told me that I would be singing Baby Love with Debbie Gibson in the 1980s, I would have punched you in the face.”

Debbie Gibson is a great choreographer. So, she’s going to put together an amazing show. There is no question about that.

There is no doubt where Clay’s mind was when he was choosing people to help him. He went for every good asset he could get, knowing that he would also get Aubrey.

The problem is that Arsenio started off with getting the funds. The show isn’t nearly as important as how much funds you raise.  So, Clay needed to get on that rather than worry so much about his show.

I have watched Aubrey work and take credit for everything that she did. There were times when I thought she was a bit much. But, that’s because she was passionate about what she was doing. And when a project manager can’t explain the concept clearly, Aubrey was very fast to jump in so that the ideas were put forth in the right manner and the right motivation was given.

A thought that occurred to me while Clay, Penn and Dee were looking for a park. Their main objection was that there was too much background noise. So, they are walking around with a production crew following them and I could hear everything they were saying just fine. Why would that change when they have their own production company shooting the ad? If I can hear Clay talk to his production manager about the noise problem, why wouldn’t I be able to hear Clay shooting the ad in that same spot?

The Debbie Gibson and Aubrey scene with of course, Debbie pushing her music again was hilarious. Aubrey’s expressions were too humorous, especially when Debbie is talking about how complex it was for her to write, “Shake your love. I just can’t shake your love.” I’m not seeing the complexity of those lyrics and from Aubrey’s expression, neither is she.

When Clay was adamant about Debbie’s cousin drawing a sketch, he might have gone a different way with that.  Of course, it may not be the same. But, I would have asked for samples of her work and then told her to come through. Her samples would most likely have been enough to let Clay know that she can do the work and will be able to pull it together for him.

But, the kicker was when Adam Carolla’s footage comes through of Magic Johnson shot from the West Coast. Magic Johnson catches the ball and then turns to his side to speak his lines. What in the world went through the production people’s mind on the other side of the country? Couldn’t they feel something was wrong with that?

What I would do in that situation is take the audio of Magic Johnson and then dub footage in that shows either pictures or videos that deliver the message.  But, that’s just me.  I have no idea what Arsenio’s going to do.


And that’s where it ended…


I wasn’t paying attention to time because I was into the arising drama with everything coming together and then everything falling apart.  I didn’t realize that the hour and a half show was coming to an end.

So, next week we learn who the next celebrity apprentice will be. They both have great work. But, they both have huge obstacles to overcome.

However, my main topic was Aubrey O’Day and the huge fan I have become. Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, she’s smart. She’s creative, tenacious and aggressive. She is an entire package that brings singing talent with songwriting talent, beauty and dance with the ability to put it all together in one amazing show if she had to do it all by herself. Why wouldn’t I love her?

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