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Ayako Miyake is Amazing, Women of Ninja Warrior

She may not be a celebrity in America. But, she is awesome. I’ve been a huge fan of Ninja Warrior for years, so I thought I would get into Women of Ninja Warrior.
Ok, I’ll be honest. It’s sexy as hell. A dancer wore a thong and a bra. There are plenty of white t-shirts and if they fall, they fall in water. So yes, I like it for the same reason I thumb through my girlfriend’s Victoria Secrets catalog. But, while watching it I literally fell in love with one awesome lady.
Don’t worry! My girlfriend knows. She sees it the same as being in love with Jennifer Aniston. In fact, she’s in love with Brad Pitt and I don’t have a problem with that either.
Celebrity Advocate Today Ayako Miyake Women of Ninja WarriorAnyway, Ayako Miyake has defeated all three stages of Women of Ninja Warrior three times that I know. Now if you haven’t seen what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a few of my observations.
The competition doesn’t entirely consist of Japanese women, but it is full of the very exotic beauties from the East Asian Island. Most are your average gorgeous exotic ladies, but there are some strange ones who enter and I think it’s just to get attention if only for a minute.
Women of Ninja Warrior is about competitors going against the most unique obstacles I’ve ever seen. Walking across a body of water only able to use steps that are of random distance and random height. Walking on a barrel roll that they have to balance on for a considerable distance (Have you ever noticed that you have to walk backwards on a barrel roll if you want to move forwards?). Walking on balance beams, climbing ladders and ropes, balancing across a domino walkway, running across rotating bridges and basically being put through hell to aspire to become part of the elite known as the defeaters of Women of Ninja Warrior.
There is one interesting obstacle that stands out in my mind. A slide takes the competitor down a ramp and then catapults them over water to a small island where they have to land or suffer falling off, getting wet and getting booted from the competition. It is amazing. And the most amazing part of Ninja Warrior, including Women of Ninja Warrior, is that when someone defeats all three stages, they make it even harder.
They don’t wait for several people or a whole bunch of people to start defeating it. They make it harder every time, which is only once or twice in Ninja Warrior. But, Ayako Miyake has done it three times in a row in Women of Ninja Warrior and I believe she is the only one. She can’t be beat. She is amazing. Here are some clips if you would like to see for yourself:
The First Time Ayako Miyake Defeated Women of Ninja Warrior
The Second Time Ayako Miyake Defeated Women of Ninja Warrior
The Third Time Ayako Miyake Defeated Women of Ninja Warrior

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