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When Azealia Banks Tweeted Assaults At Sarah Palin, It Demonstrated How The Information War Is Being Lost

What is the world’s worst nightmare?
It’s not about the world going to war or a terrible dictator running everything. Think about it. The world has already seen all that. So really, what is it?
It’s something else the world has already seen. Only it’s what leads nations to go to war and it’s what leads free people to become subservient to the rule of a tyrant. It’s the exercise of misinformation.
Decades ago, it was called propaganda and it was bad. Okay? It was very bad.
These days, people use it to make jokes. Take the Onion into consideration. The Onion prints false information all the time and people read it, then they laugh. Because by now, everyone knows what the Onion is all about. But, there are other news sites like the Onion and they pull in readers all the time.
The latest victim was Azealia Banks. But, you can hardly call her a victim. She’s a victim of not being able to read, or not checking her facts, of going off on a person without knowing the truth first. But, she’s really not the victim.
The victim was Sarah Palin in this instance. Sarah Palin was minding her own business when all of a sudden one day, Azealia announced loud and clear that she wanted her to be raped. That’s right! She called for rape.
Why? Because a fake news story reported that Sarah Palin said, “Negroes loved being slaves.” And that’s about the time Azealia Banks sent out her barrage of tweets.
Warning: Very Graphic! Read at your own risk!

This Is Pretty Clear What She Wants Done


But Then, There’s This


And Finally Wrapping With This

Which by the way, she deleted the tweets because somehow, she realized she had read a fake news story. Someone must have pointed it out to her and that her tweets were way out of portion. Actually, not out of portion, but totally unjustified.
That’s what’s happening all too often these days. Fake stories go around. Many of them are actually from the politicians themselves. Many of them are from advocates of one political candidate or another. They know the fake stories won’t be checked. They will circulate and a lot of people will believe them because they don’t check their facts.
It’s sad. But, it keeps happening. And the more people try to fight against the circulation of lies and misinformation, the more it happens. It’s like the three-headed dragon. You cut off one head and three more pop up in its place. Too sad!

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