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Body of Proof Sparks

imageDana Delaney, recently awarded the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, stars in the new hit television show Body of Proof.

Is it just me, or do we see a hint of a romance coming?  Well, think about it!  First, there are the signs.  Dr. Hunt is struggling with her own life.  She is estranged from her daughter.  She is trying, but she’s not back in yet by no means.

Plus, there are the hints along the way.  One suspect says that it’s hard to be alone.  Another suspect says that biology doesn’t make anyone a mother, they have to earn that title.  There are more signs and they all point to the fact that Dr. Hunt struggles with relationships, of any kind.

Then, we have Det. Morris.  He has been struggling with his marriage since the first episode.  Dr. Hunt picked up on that when she made the observations about the missing ring on the ring finger and his cologne smelling like motel cologne.

So, episode three we have some flirting.  She spots a hole in his sport coat.  They’re not yelling at each other.  They’re actually playing along in that, “I hate her, she hates me” kind of way.  Dunlop makes an observation that sometimes we can’t see things, especially when they are right in front of our faces.  Then, they all have to go investigate something.  Det. Morris makes it clear that they are going in different cars.

The episode ends with a warm conversation between Hunt and Morris.  She takes the sport coat when she offers to sew the hole.  Then, she simply walks away.

The ice has melted.  Everyone knows everyone.  Everyone has warmed up to everyone.  I have to say that this is the fastest I’ve ever seen it done in television history.  But, it’s good to get that crap out of the way so that we can get down to the good stuff anyway.

So, is there a romance coming?  Are we seeing the sparks?  I’ve got to tell you, I’m good at picking up on these things.  I saw Rachel and Ross the entire way.  I saw Pam and Jim from day one.  I called Shawn and Jules way before anyone else did.  I’m just saying, I might be calling this one.  Just remember, you heard it here first folks!


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