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Boy Collecting Smiles After Losing His Mother And His Father

The biggest part of this story is the fact that Jaden Hayes is a six year old boy who lost his father two years ago. But then, he lost his mother recently.
Struggling through the pain he feels from his loss, he decided that instead of mope around that he would put a smile on people’s faces. So, he’s on a mission to collect smiles.
That’s a phenomenal way to be for a six year old. In fact, that’s a phenomenal way to be no matter what age you are. It’s hard to get your head out of your own loss to think of others. That’s what heroes are made of and this kid is definitely a hero.
When asked why he wants to make people smile, “Because when you smile, it makes me happy. It makes me happier and happier.” That’s what it means to forget yourself and think of others.
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