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Brady, Favre, Manning and the Saints Wrap Up an Interesting First Week in NFL

Last year, we wrapped up our NFL experience leaving it on a phenomenal tone. Eli Manning and the New York Giants earned their Super Bowl rings while stopping Tom Brady and the New England Patriots from putting together the first undefeated year since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Brett Favre seemed to finally say goodbye to the NFL for good. And the Indianapolis Colts ended their season impressively with the threat of coming back strong this year.
So, what happened? It’s like everything was turned up-side-down yesterday when all eyes were watching the official beginning of the NFL 2008 season. Technically the season began Thursday when the New York Giants beat the Washington Redskins 16 to 7. And that would be about the only thing that seemed normal from the season opening.
Tom Brady appears to be out for the rest of the season. Taking what seemed to be a normal hit, he went down cradling his knee but no one has yet to know exactly what is wrong with him. A few rumors are circling, but I won’t add to it. I’ll just say that the only definite I’ve heard is that he is going to be out for awhile.
Last year, he led the Patriots to an undefeated season and straight to the Super Bowl where the wins finally ended. My favorite highlight of the many things said about him, Coach Belichick and the Patriots as a whole was that they were perfectionists. Well, it’s going to be interesting to see how well they fight back from adversity with the huge hit they took yesterday. Amazingly, they won the game anyway. Matt Cassel led the Patriots to a 17 to 10 win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s see if he can keep filling those shoes!
Brett Favre led the New York Jets to a huge win over the Miami Dolphins. That’s right! You heard that right! Brett Favre no longer plays for the Green Bay Packers. He is now a New York Jet and he is winning games. We thought he was retired. But, he loves the game too much to leave. The most interesting switch is the bad blood that exists between Favre and the Packers. There used to be some love there. I didn’t get into the story because it just didn’t seem like something Celebrity Advocate should follow. But, the bad blood is there and now Favre is going to lead the Jets to plenty of victories.
But, the astonishing switch from last year to this is the loss Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts endured Sunday Night. It just didn’t seem like the Colts had showed up for the game since the last three consecutive seasons has seen the Colts being absolutely dominant during season openers. All I can say is this is a new year and I have an idea that I’m going to see plenty of new things.
Point in case, the Saints came out in their season opener with a 24 to 20 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now, that’s my team if you want to know. And I couldn’t be more proud. All I’m saying is that I have had to put up with years of losing seasons and now I’ve finally got a good team I can enjoy watching win from time to time. Will they go to the playoffs? I’ll be cheering them to it.
It has to be said that the best play of the day had to come from the Carolina Panthers with their last play of the game 14 yard touchdown pass to win 26 to 24 over the San Diego Chargers. I was on the edge of my seat watching the action as it seemed that the Panthers just weren’t making good decisions. They waste a play. They have only 6 seconds left and that’s only enough time for one final play. Just when it seemed that time would run out and the Chargers would take the win, Jake Delhomme finds Dante Rosario in the end zone and it seemed like it took everyone forever to figure out the Panthers had scored. I saw it, but no one was saying anything. The announcers weren’t. The refs weren’t. It was like time was suspended and I was patiently waiting to make sure that I saw what I think I saw.
Without a doubt, that was the best play of the day! I’ve been waiting for the NFL all year and now it’s finally here. You know Celebrity Advocate will follow all the action.

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