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Burn Notice Better Than A Video Game

michaelwesten The levels Burn Notice has taken its viewers through actually seems like a realistic portrayal of espionage and what it takes a burned spy to get back into the game at the level he once was.  It also seems like a video game, with realistic parameters.  No superheroes, although Michael Westen does have some rather extraordinary skills.  No supervillains.  No ulterior worlds.

Michael Westen went from being a burned spy followed by FBI agents to a man who is now partnered with a syndication referred to as “Management.”  But, the levels he had to go through were quite impressive.  Just like a video game.

He had several handlers he had to dodge and eventually he managed to get them all out of his life.  The final handler had actually hired a handler of her own to.well, “handle” Michael.  But, that eventually didn’t work out and that handler actually became a client of his when Michael finally learned the back story.  This led to Michael’s first visit with Management and he was offered a position.  This is where some confusion begins.  But, I think I can explain it.

What happens next is Michael turns down this new opportunity, which begins a whole new chapter in his life.  I was under the impression that this is what Michael wanted all along.  So, what is Management then if Michael doesn’t want a position with this secret organization?

He endures being arrested and being followed by a detective who has heartburn for him.  He has enemies who come running to take advantage of him any way they can.  It gets worse as higher level opportunities come after him left and right.  I’m not going to mention the useless attempts with Strickler.  That ended with Strickler’s death and an agent’s death who didn’t want involved in the first place.

It gets really heated when Gilroy steps into the picture.  Their little play of cat and mouse has Michael running all over Miami doing errands and trying to figure out what it all means.  But Gilroy, it turns out is not up on his game as much as he would have us believe.  After helping Simon, a once burned spy himself, escape from prison, Gilroy becomes Simon’s next victim.  It becomes Michael’s job to recapture Simon and that launches him back into the hands of the Management where the first episode of this new season begins.

The Management, who burned Michael in the first place, has now recruited him to partner with them.  His first assignment, to investigate – first, who helped Simon escape – and “B”, I’m not sure.  I caught-on to the idea that it’s a war that Management doesn’t know how to handle and everyone who has tried ended up dead.  Other than that, we’ll just have to learn as Michael learns.

But, I would have to say that the show delivers.  I have often been disappointed when a show has promised to raise the bar and take things to another level.  They always seem to flop.  Lack of imagination.  Laziness of writers.  I’m not sure what the problem could be.  But, Burn Notice has not failed.  In fact, Michael is now responsible for burning a spy himself.  His relationship with the Management is like being married to a giant squid that lurks at the bottom of the ocean, but with tentacles that literally reach into everything.

Compromised information that Michael gathered from a military installation has to be blamed on someone.  So, a spy takes a fall.  You can see that Michael isn’t too happy about the turn about, but what can he do?  Or, what does he do?

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