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Celebrity Apprentice: Who Would You Fire?

Celebrity ApprenticeWhen Donald Trump gets everyone in the boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice, you know the question is coming.  Why don’t you have an answer ready when he asks? But, what would you say?
It’s a tough question to answer. Who would you fire? There are two different ways to answer that question and, after thinking about them, even the way I would go would cause a stir. But, anyone who is named should be ready as well. Don’t take it personal. Trump wants to stir things up because it’s good for ratings.
The first answer most people go for after they hem and haw around trying to apologize profusely before they mention a name, is who is the weakest in the group. Clearly Paul Teutul Sr. and Lou Ferrigno lack the diversity that everyone else in the group has demonstrated. However, I’m a huge fan of both and yet, wouldn’t have a problem saying that because it’s a fact.
Say what needs to be said. After watching, I know Paul would accept the criticism and either agree that you are dead on the mark or he would disagree with his own perspective. Mention Lou on the other hand and you better get ready for a speech that spells out how he gives a hundred and ten percent to everything he does. Regardless of what argument you lay down for Lou, that’s his response.
I have to give it to the man though!  He did a great job when he was project manager. But, he was attacked the week before by everyone and he knew it was his time to step up to the plate. Everyone rose to the challenge with him and an issue arose between Clay Aiken and Penn Jillette of all people. Clay thought Penn was being condescending when I believe he was being the devil’s advocate in a brainstorming session.
So instead of Lou coming under fire, it was Penn. But, the men won the competition and the boardroom meeting was put to a close on that argument. I believe Penn learned his lesson, and he is not very confrontational anyway. So, he remains one of the strongest players on the team.
I think when Paul is made project manager you will find one of the strongest project managers you’ve seen so far.  After all, isn’t that what he does? He’ll take control and he’ll make it happen like he always does.  But that doesn’t take away from what I said earlier. If I were to be asked at this point who I would fire based on who I thought was the weakest on the team, I would still have to say Lou and Paul for being the least diverse as far as a set of skills they can offer the team.
However if I were put on the chopping block and left to answer the question in my own terms, I would go with who is my greatest competition. Penn and Clay would see me in the boardroom. Arsenio Hall and Dee Snyder find themselves in that middle ground where they can’t be mentioned at this point.  They have enough skills to not be listed as weak, but they don’t bring as much to the table as Clay and Penn.
Even given that answer, you still cause a stir among the other team members. If you list your greatest competition, you find the others saying, “Hey, what am I? Chopped liver?”  You can’t win with that answer either.
I would simply stop apologizing for my answers beforehand. Give the honest answer with the most articulate reason why and let team members take it as they will.  There should be no apologies at this point anyway because you know the question is coming. Every week, several people are asked to answer that question. So, why take it personal?

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