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David Gray’s Secret Show

davidgrayDavid Gray slipped into the New York City’s Broad Street Ballroom recently and put on a special show for privileged fans. It wasn’t a huge show. He kept it secret and it was about as intimate of a show an artist can do since the days of Unplugged.

Along with other hits, he played my favorite “Babylon” and it was arranged differently. Came across great! Of course, I’m a David Gray fan and I would say that. But, the music finds me!

“Babylon” is a Deeper Down. I’ve been talking about Deeper Downs all my life and it mostly applies to music. But, you can catch me with a movie, a book or a painting. It can apply to anything that is artistic and has the ability to reach in and touch your soul. Catch this:

“It’s songs like that, what I call ‘Deeper Downs’ that talk to me. The words are closer to anything I can say myself.” A Danger to Society Page 14.

“Babylon” has that ability because I’ve been there! I’ve been missing someone. So restless just had to get out of the house and do something. It didn’t matter what it was. But, eventually you have to go home. Dreading that lonely walk in your empty home, but she’s there. Let go your heart. Let go your head. And feel it now.

Yeah, I’ve been there!


“Babylon” by David Gray
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