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Do Celebrity Selfies Go Way Too Far

Olivia Munn is straight up one of the funniest celebrities in Hollywood. But, her latest rant about selfies is so on point. For one, it’s too true!
What are selfies for in the first place? Fans love to see the inside of a celebrities life. There’s no denying that. Fans love looking at the home. They love seeing the car, the closet, the pool, the private jet and they love the travel pictures. But, is there a point where it goes too far?
Olivia takes it on! #itook700picturestocomeupwithonetopost
There is an art to it and an entertainment value! But, it loses that when it’s way overdone. #myassistantiscryingbecauseimadehertakepicturesofmyass
I will hand it to Kim Kardashian though, the reigning queen of selfies, she has taken on a sense of humor about it and if it’s one thing I love is someone who can roll with the jokes when they start coming!
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But you came here for the selfies, so TMZ brings you the best of 2014 . . .

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