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Donovan McNabb Doesn't Need to Learn Anything

Wow, people can jump on someone quick for the smallest thing!  Donovan McNabb said that he didn’t know there was a rule stating that you can tie in football.  Ok, I admit that there is a W, L and T column that indicates Wins, Losses and Ties.  That should have been a clue.
But really, if you think about what pressure he was under at the time and the fact that there is an overtime, you can begin to cut McNabb a little break.  McNabb was hustling to win the game and not every rule was running through his mind, especially not the one that would have been most important.  Plus, it would seem that no one else on the team was thinking about the tie either because someone would have said something about it.  McNabb would have caught that and his game plan would have changed.
I think it’s easy to forget a rule and then not remember it when it’s most important.  I know McNabb knows the rule exists because he’s was in the NFL back in 2002 when the Falcons and the Steelers tied.  But, that happened quite a long time ago.  What a thing to bring back to memory when you are caught in a battle and you are trying to pull out a win!
So, I’m not hard on him.  He is still a great quarterback and who cares if he doesn’t remember a simple rule.  That’s why the NFL has referees.

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