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Good Job Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan actually faced her reputation head on last night when she hosted SNL. It’s always brave when you confront it face to face. Her “Scared Straight” skit was an attempt to do just that.
I found a few lines very funny. I found some of the humor a little overboard on the “Bubba” side, which has a reverse effect of making it even funnier to me. But, what I found most funny was how underprepared everyone was.
SNL has a long history of actors and comedians reading out of their peripherals. Plus, there have been plenty of gaffes that have sent the entire staff laughing hysterically. It’s those moments when they are laughing with us and we’re sharing a laugh together.
But, this was too much:


So to clear up any confusion, I thought Lindsay did a wonderful job confronting the “elephant in the room.” But, the lack of preparation wasn’t what was supposed to make me laugh!

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