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They Hate Anne Hathaway So Much, They Made Up A Name For It

From Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries to Jules in The Intern, Anne Hathaway has a long and distinguished career. She has mainly played lovable characters who overcome challenges without losing herself to the other side. But, she has taken on some tougher roles where fans are forced to see her in a whole new light.
Then all of a sudden, some fans became haters. They even have a name for it, calling themselves Hathahaters. What in the world? People getting off on hating Anne Hathaway. That’s hardcore. But, why? That’s the question.
For one, when Richard Lawson referred to her as being the “epitome of the bad kind of theater kid,” it put her in a whole new light for many of her fans. Of course, all fans know is what they see in the movies and read about in the news. But when an insider like Richard Lawson speaks, it gives fans some insight into who a celebrity really is.
The bad kind of theater kid is a suck up who comes across as the perfect kid. The thing is that she did get her start in the theater and she knows what the theater is about. But does that make her into what Lawson called her? Not necessarily. Knowing your stuff on stage is exactly what you’re supposed to do if you are going to try to be Anne Hathaway.

Looking Adorable On The Couch

on the couch
As fans took notice, Hathaway just started coming across the wrong way. When she hosted the 2011 Oscars with James Franco, the audience posted and tweeted about her performance, which they collectively said was sub par. She worked her ass off to entertain the crowd and that was the problem. She was trying too hard. When haters hate, that’s the kind of thing that annoys them. Anne was too perky for them and she was working too hard to make the Hathahaters happy.

She Has A Dark Side To Her

in all black
She comes across as too perfect. That tends to rub people the wrong way. While other celebrities are getting caught up in scandal or at the very least are making mistakes in the public eye to go viral, Hathaway always seems able to rise above all that. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your flaws private or not having any of them at all. But, haters don’t care about all that. They want a reason to hate her and that gives them another one.

She’s Definitely Dynamic

she's definitely dynamic
The worst part about it is that it has become the bandwagon effect. If hating her seems to be cool to people, they will fall right in line hating her. It’s a sad factor of human behavior, but it exists. There are people in this world who can’t seem to make up their own minds. They will like a person or hate a person based on general consensus. If it’s cool to hate, they sharpen their knives and start working on their name calling.
But, the fickle media and fickle fans leave little a celebrity can do to make it right. They require celebrities to be perfect while hating them for having no flaws. They want their celebrities to be on at all times, and then lose interest when they are always on at all times.
That’s the thing. If they want to hate her, they’re going to find any reason to do it. The Hathahaters will keep coming up with reasons until it’s cool to like her again. Good thing she has more fans than Hathahaters and all she has to do is weather the short storm.

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