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Hot Mom Known As TexasThighs Shames The Critics

Sometimes, people just can’t do anything right. Take the issue of body shaming for example. When is that controversy ever going to get straightened out?
It all begins with a girl whose body doesn’t fit the norm. She gets picked on and she develops low self-esteem. She goes through life thinking she’s not worthy of love, no one will ever like her, she doesn’t have the perfect body, she’s lazy because she doesn’t work hard enough to have the perfect body…etc.
Then, come the champions. They start to fight off the bullying and the oppression. They make people feel guilty for body shaming. They make women with bodies that don’t fit the perfect norm feel good about themselves anyway.
So, they start to feel more confident. They take selfies in bikinis or underwear and they put them on their Instagrams. And they get the backlash. People comment that they don’t want to see those not-so-perfect bodies. Cover up! Have some pride! Blah blah blah.
The champions go back at it again. They shame the body shamers. They put them in their place. Everyone apologizes. The not-so-perfect body types are validated. Everything’s okay again. That means that it’s time for the issue to take another turn.
When a hot mom started putting her pictures on Instagram, she got the backlash too. She started hearing things like she’s a mom, she’s too old, she shouldn’t be posting pics like this on the interwebs. Well, fry me in lard and call me Baby Ruth! Can anybody be proud of their body?
Just because she’s a mother, it doesn’t mean she has to walk around with food stains on her shirt and an apron over her skirt. Just because she’s not in her early twenties, doesn’t mean she has to wear granny pants and put her hair up in a net. The body shaming issue has more sides. If everyone could just appreciate a beautiful body, that would be great. Thanks!
Courtney Ann is her name and she’s proud of her body. Check it out yourself. You’ll be just as proud.

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She Can Take Pictures All Day

If She Looks Like This, What’s The Issue?

Who Made All The Complaints?

Some People Have Their Own Issues

They Need To Deal With Their Ish

Before Going Around Shaming Others

Bless You Courtney Ann

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