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How Hot Is Amy Schumer? She Rocks And Who Says She Don't?

Amy Schumer is getting some awesome attention these days. She’s the top rated comedian because she’s so damn hilarious, she can send people to the hospital for laughing too hard. Don’t think it can’t be done. If you laugh too hard, you can get a hernia or something. Things can split inside of you and that’s why they say, “split your sides.”
amy schumer at vanity fairAmy Schumer is tearing it up in the box office and she’s truly an A-Lister who deserves all the success she has worked so hard for. So, why do people give her such a hard time about her body image? Why in the world do people think they need to go there?
Amy Schumer is hotThe fact that she’s hot has nothing to do with how great of a person she is. She is a funny lady who has worked her way up to where she is and she should be looked at for her accomplishments. The fact that she’s hot is something that these closed-minded individuals are not trying to see.
I mean, damn! What’s a girl got to do? I’m glad the Pirelli Calendar took a different turn this year. They decided to show off women of great accomplishment rather than women who just work hard every day to look absolutely beautiful. Of course, models look great and I’m glad they exist. I like looking at them and would be a fool to say otherwise.
amy schumer maidBut, women deserve to be praised for their accomplishments, for what they have achieved in this world rather than just how great they look. Like Amy Schumer for instance. Yes, she’s hot and I mean she’s hot. But, she deserves attention for the other things that she is.
So, Annie Leibovitz took the Pirelli Calendar and did something different with it. She had some really great women come in for a photo shoot. But, not all of them got naked. Serena Williams was among the women who were photographed and she looks like she’s lifting the world. In an awesome photo, she literally looks like the female version of Atlas. But, she was the only other one beside Amy who went topless in the photo shoot. All the other women were dressed in their style, making their own statements with their own creativity and persona.
amy schumer underwearBut, this isn’t the first time Amy has gone topless and took photos in her underwear. I know this goes against everything I’ve said about women should be deserved for who they are and what they’ve accomplished. But, she looks great in this photo!
How in the world could anyone comment on her body and try to put her down? Who are they? I’d venture to guess that they are overly judgmental people who don’t think before they speak. They probably often contradict themselves. In one sentence, they might talk the plight of women in this world who get judged by standards that aren’t fair. Then in the next sentence, they are judging every woman they see by body image and clothing style because they are confused and don’t really know what they want in this world.
pirelli calendar amy schumerWhen Amy comes out in her underwear and heels, my heart skips a beat. Not only that though, when I watch her on stage, I love her jokes. Her sense of humor is perfect for me. Her movies are off the chain and she can’t do anything wrong. But, let’s get back to that photo though.
She is hot! I love it. Annie Leibovitz knows how to bring out the inner beauty of anyone. Amy Schumer knows how to be herself in any situation. What makes her more beautiful is that she’s comfortable with who she is. She doesn’t let the negativity get to her. She actually makes a joke of it when she feels like it. That’s awesome when you can make a joke of someone else’s negativity.
To check out more about the Pirelli photo shoot, check out the video!

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