The NOVEL that strippers tip at strip clubs!

How I Met Your Mother Stand By Me Outtakes

This is just absolutely hilarious.  I wanted to share it with people who may not have watched the episode.  Some of you may not even be fans of the show.  Maybe that will change when you watch this video.

To set it up, Barney has been told all his life that his father was Bob Barker.  But, he finally comes clean and lets his brother know that he knows his father is not Bob Barker.  His brother is played by Let’s Make a Deal’s Wayne Brady and just before this scene, he gets to meet his real father. 

Wayne Brady’s father is played by Ben Vereen.  The hilarity of the scene gets even better when Barney once again comes across clueless.  Believing that Ben Vereen is also his father, Barney refuses to allow them to enjoy their visit.alone.


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