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I Guess It's Pick on Amanda Bynes Day?

Amanda BynesThe media often reminds of me of a bunch of back biting little hens running around scrapping for their next story. Leave Amanda Bynes alone! Do you really think it’s your job to pick apart every detail of a person’s life?
Actually, do you really think your readers are interested into listening to every little rumor you can summon? Ok, so maybe some people suck it up like little piglets on their momma’s teat. Without them, the media wouldn’t have a reason to exist.
So, Amanda appears to have admitted that she got a nose job. Well damn then! It looks awesome and she is still beautiful as ever.
It reminds me of the rumors that went around about her breasts. Still, I’m saying so what? She’s gorgeous. She always has been and it appears, she always will be.
But, I guess the rumor factories will never stop running. Sub-par photographers will always follow around the people who matter and make things happen, looking to catch a shot of them bending over or not wearing makeup. Sub-par writers who can’t get a real journalism job will always talk about someone’s cellulite or the fashion failure they wore on the red carpet.
I guess it will always give me something to do though too! I get to sit back and Advocate Celebrities while making fun of the posse who has nothing better to do than pick apart someone else’s life. I wonder how they would act if they were treated like little ants under a magnifying glass!

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