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In Shocking News, Famous WWE Superstar Chyna Has Passed Away

The news that hit early this morning was definitely shocking to millions of WWE fans. But the news was confirmed that Wrestler Chyna Joan Laurer has passed away. At the time, the cause of her death is unknown.
I won’t speculate. Rumors are flying. But, I would just like to remember her the way she would like to be remembered and the way all her fans would like to remember her.
She made an impact on many people. Not just in the wrestling industry, but with everyone she ever met. You can’t be that big of a personality and not affect people everywhere you go.

Fun Loving


Warm And Affectionate

Larger Than Life

Her Passing Has Been Confirmed

The shocking news hit everyone hard…

Triple H

With Fond Memories

From All The Legends

What Was She Going Through

And Those Closest To Her

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