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Interview About A Lady Who Crashed Through Restaurant Hijacked By Weird Guy

When a lady ran through a restaurant, it stunned everyone around. What was she doing? Was she even paying attention?
A journalist assigned to get to the bottom of the story was on sight to get the reaction from the people who were there. That’s about the time that a young gentleman gave his input. He had a lot to say on the subject. But, there was something about the guy.
Maybe it was the fact that he was totally weird and hardly could stay on topic. His interview was so weird that the network ran it anyway despite it’s ability to answer the question. The guys ramble was that entertaining, he won his fifteen minutes of fame and it aired anyway.

The Weird Guy From Arby’s

But, here’s the thing. This was not the first time we had seen this weird guy. He was also made famous by his interview when the satanic statue was being erupted in Detroit. The story was so controversial that a journalist was there to capture the story and yet again, there was the weird guy.

The Weird Guy At Satan Statue

If you’re wondering that’s a weird coincidence, it’s not. His name is Andrew Bowser and he’s a director. He’s getting pretty good at developing the weird guy character. Wonder where he’ll pop up next.

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