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James Bond Flaw

James Bond 007, Casino Royale, seemed like it was time for me to catch up with the rest of the world and watch when it came on USA.  So, I’m watching the movie and there is a blaring flaw that I just can’t knock.  So, I started to do my research and came up with the notion that Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond series as a fantasy of the man he wished he could have been.
So then why if Casino Royale was the first James Bond book Fleming wrote and the movies that were later made reflected real life signs and times, then why would they have computers and cell phones in a world that would seem to be 1953?  Didn’t anyone else catch this major flaw?
I think we lose ourselves in fantasy too many times and forget what is supposed to be happening on the screen.  But, setting and reality have always been scrutinized heavily by the media if the producer and director wasn’t on top of things.
A phone in a Benjamin Franklin movie would be a glaring discrepancy.
A helicopter landing in a caveman movie would be a huge embarassment.
Why are there computers and cellphones in Casino Royale ?

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