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Jennifer Aniston Gets Burned Recycling

When Jennifer Aniston recycled an outfit she already wore, it was like a media frenzy. Like piranha, they devoured and talked about her like she had committed social suicide. Oh look, Jennifer Aniston has fallen on such hard times..she wore the same outfit twice!
Really? Is that how harshly we judge our celebrities? They are not allowed to wear anything twice. Well, what are they supposed to do with an outfit? Let them pile up in their rooms. Build extra homes just for clothes. What if they really like their clothes?
What is wrong with the media? Do they make up the rules? Or is it some unspoken rule in Hollywood that if you wear an outfit more than once, you aren’t an A Lister?
That would have to be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. If an outfit can’t be worn more than once, it is a waste and that makes more of a statement to me than if they kept up appearances according to some book The Joneses wrote a long time ago when everyone was trying to keep up with them.
I could imagine top designers awarding their favorite celebrities with free outfits as long as they wore them in public. Then, the celebrity makes sure that outfit is donated to the Salvation Army so that some blessed soul can pick it off the rack, buy it cheap and have something special. In my mind, that’s the only way it could work without being ridiculously stupid.
But, I couldn’t imagine someone actually having to go through Three Hundred and Sixty Five new outfits every year just to keep up appearances as if they are so special, America’s Royalty, that they can’t possibly wear an outfit more than once. That would be tiring! I’d run out of ideas.
But wait, if it’s don and dash among the American Royalty, I seem to remember someone else wearing the same outfit more than once. Oh, that’s right! Kate Middleton did it too, so…stop acting like royalty and follow the lead of real royalty. Wear anything you want any time you want and sport it like you just don’t care!

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