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Jennifer Aniston Named 'World's Most Beautiful Woman' And We're Like 'We Know'

As I have mentioned on quite a few occasions, you all are well aware of my love affair with Jennifer Aniston. As you also very well know she has no idea about it.
It’s just one of those things. We would have been dating now for about 20 years. I just wasn’t able to get a message through to her that those were my intentions.
Totally my fault. I can see where I went wrong now.
Anyway, I am very proud to announce that People magazine has given her the honor of being the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” And I’ve got to agree. Of course, I’m wondering why it took so long to make that announcement in the first place.
Wasn’t she just as gorgeous when she was in Friends all those years ago? Wasn’t she gorgeous as her career took off through many movies including The Break-Up, He’s Just Not That Into You, and We’re The Millers just to name a few?

I Mean Look At Her


Doesn’t She Make Your Knees Wobble?


And Your Heart Beat Extra Fast?


She Is Raw


As Real As It Gets


And She Can Turn Heads

stripper scene

Break Necks How Fast They Turn To Look


And When She Looks At Me Like This…

sexy on car

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