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Jenny McCarthy Rocking The New Look

Warning! There are pictures of a very hot lady who really needs no introduction. But when it comes to Jenny McCarthy, I can’t help myself. I have to talk about this new look she’s rocking!
Of course, I have to talk about the Jenny we all have grown to know and love. She’s goofy! She’s crazy! She’s not afraid to step out and be whacky when most women would try to keep their every hair in place and their face looking perfectly adorable for the camera.
News flash! It makes Jenny even more endearing!
Jenny McCarthyTake my first specimen as evidence. The image you are probably studying right now rather than reading this is a photo that was taken of her in very sexy bikini.
She could have played it safe and given us the sultry look. She could have went there and given us the totally sexy Playboy Magazine Jenny. Actually, she probably did do th0se things on this shoot.
But, she stops to pet the dog and give us a look that screams to us that she’s a normal girl…with one of the rockinest bodies alive. Yes, I just made that up! Actually, I think I might have picked it up somewhere so I’m not going to claim it. But, it’s a thing. Get over it! Rockinest works!
The thing is that Jenny is not just a very hot lady! She has a heart that is as big as the ocean. We saw it when we learned about her son’s autism. She actually helped us become more aware of autism and what a child goes through.
To be more personal about it, I knew autism existed. I just couldn’t tell you exactly what it was. When Jenny talked about it, I learned more than I had ever known. She actually made me understand what kids with autism go through and it helped me empathize.
Jenny McCarthyAnd then of course, that brings us to my next specimen. Just when you think she’s the most awesome blonde alive, she shows up with black hair. And yes, she’s just as awesome!
So, she morphs from a model to an actress. And she has been actively working in television and film since 1994. She has played some pretty memorable roles. I particularly love the funny scene with Pamela Anderson in Scary Movie 3.
But then, she publishes Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy’s Open Book. So now, she’s an author. And she goes on to publish more books. But, they’re not all autobiographies or comedies. She writes about parenting and autism. She uses her ability to reach out and touch readers to spread awareness about things that matter.
So, she’s a model, actress, author and activist. Just when you think she’s done it all and can’t do any more. She surprises us once again by taking on the co-host spot on The View. And here’s where it gets interesting. Yes, she is awesome in a bikini. Yes, she is awesome in leather. She’s awesome in anything and I can vouch for that. I have seen her in everything. Hell, what am I saying. I’ve seen her in nothing. But now, I’m mesmerized. She’s awesome rocking the Librarian Look…

Jenny McCarthy

If I would have gone to the library and found her at the desk, I would have read every book. I would have been there every day. I would have volunteered to help out any way I could.

And just to show you what I’m really talking about, this clip below is from The View today. I get to kill two birds with one stone. You get to see Jenny on the show. But also, there’s a young musician who was inspired by Keith Urban to start doing his music and now he’s getting noticed. Check him out!


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