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Jimmy Kimmel Comments On Walt Palmer Killing Cecil The Lion

Outrage still pours out over the killing of Cecil the Lion. Walt Palmer appears to still be in hiding after flying to Zimbabwe to track down his prize lion.
Of course, he has made his excuses. He says that he relied on the local experts he hired to make sure the hunt was legal. And hunts in Africa can be legal and they can be beneficial if done in the right way.
Killing animals feeds families and is healthy for the animal population to stay in balance. That’s why it’s well-regulated as it should be.
But, let’s talk about what Walt Palmer did! He hired a team of people and flew them to Zimbabwe where he hired guides in Africa to help him track a lion. They lured Cecil out of the protected park where it’s illegal to shoot him.
That contradicts what the guides and Walt Palmer himself are saying about not knowing the lion was a protected animal. But, anyway . . .
They lured Cecil out of the park with a dead animal that they had tied to the hood of a vehicle. They baited him out and then shined spotlights on him so that Walt could shoot him with his bow and arrow. Which that didn’t kill him. They had to track Cecil down so that they could cut his head off and leave it to rot in the sun, rather than feed families and do the right thing.
Another way in which they contradict themselves. But, anyway . . .
I’m all for hunting. But, that’s not how you do it! That’s some B.S. bully on the block hunting so that he can have a lion’s head in his den and talk about how great of a hunter he is. If you need that much support to help you hunt and then you can’t even kill it with your bow and arrow, you’re not a great hunter. You’re hardly a Cub Scout!

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