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Jodie Sweetin Knows How To Divorce

It would appear that Jodie Sweetin knows how to divorce. This will be her third one as she seeks a divorce from her current husband Marty CoyJodie Sweetin How To Divorcele, a man she married just over a year ago. It’s a legal separation she seeks at this point. But, experience shows that she knows how to divorce and that’s probably where it will end.
I have to admit, I watched my share of Full House. Why would that be something I would have to admit? Because when it aired in 1987, I was 17 years old. I was 25 when it went off the air. So for eight years of their lives, I watched these kids grow up a little.
I don’t know what attracted me to a kid’s show when I was in my late teens. It’s certainly not like now when I catch a kid’s show. Now, it’s a sense of nostalgia. I get a chance to look back, and actually see what gets the kids’ attentions these days.
But back when Jodie Sweetin How To DivorceI was in my late teens, I don’t know. Maybe it was the fact that there was very little on television at that time of day, and if you wanted to watch something that’s what you watched. Hopefully, that’s the reason. I didn’t watch every episode. But, I watched enough to keep up with the show.
Either way, I watched Jodie Sweetin grow up for eight years of her life. Of course, back then I thought she was  a little girl with a cute phrase like all the other child stars who grew up in the 80’s.
But, she has blossomed into a beautiful lady. Stunning is a very accurate word that often describes her. But she suffers from the same affliction all celebrities suffer through. She gets held on a higher pedestal than the mere mortals who star gaze.
A third broken marriage is a reason to gasp in Hollywood. It’s more normal for the average American. But, the notion that a star can fall from grace and strike out a third marriage is not common. Only a few celebrities have done it, but they have a way of making it look good. The reason divorce is less common in Hollywood than among average Americans is because most give up on marriage after facing a divorce, and many don’t even think about it from the start.
You might be thinking there are plenty of divorces in Hollywood. But, I’m only talking about it as a percentage of celebrities when compared to the percentage that exists within the normal community. We naturally hold our celebrities to a higher standard and we know more about them because they are always in the headlines. That’s what creates the illusion that there are more divorces in Hollywood!
I think of Jodie as someone who is real. She has fought through adversity in her life and managed to hold her head high. That’s all I need to see in a celebrity. I don’t need perfection. I just want to see a person keep it together and move forward. Jodie has done that in style!
Either way, she has definitely grown up in front of the camera and knows how to come across. But, tell me you don’t feel a genuine warmth when she’s explaining her connection to the cause and what she’s doing now!

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