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Kaley Cuoco: The Big Bang Theory Penny

I was flipping through the channels one day a few years ago and I should have written about her sooner. But, Kaley Cuoco is the reason I watch the show. Of course, it’s funny and entertaining. But, I sit patiently through the scenes she’s not in waiting for the scenes she is.
I know that Kaley Cuoco, Penny in The Big Bang Theory, has always been a favorite for mostly everyone. And yes, it is weird to hear someone say that they watch the show because of Sheldon or Leonard. I mean, what about Bernadette right? What? She’s hot!
Anyway, back to what I was saying, if you say that you watch The Big Bang Theory for Sheldon or Leonard, I have this to say:

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

Now, doesn’t that say enough? I am going to go save a dog and start reading The Bark right now.
Anyway, yes I have become a major fan of the show and of hers. I watch the show like there’s nothing else going on in this world. I’m just glad that we can catch up on shows now when we miss them. I would have hated being a fan of the show back in the 80s. When you missed it, you missed it.
The thing is that it’s not just her mesmerizing beauty that has me spellbound. I like her acting too!
She smiles at the Geekery of the guys living across the hall. She puts up with her boyfriend’s antics, even when he is so into what he’s doing that he forgets she’s in the room. How can you forget Penny is in the room?
I love her smile when she’s laughing at the guys. It’s a very attractive, intelligent smile even though half the time she has no idea what they are talking about. But, she is by far not the stereotypical “Dumb Blonde.” She has her smarts, which they can’t touch.
In fact, and this is debatable, but there is one outfit in particular that made me stop breathing. I was watching an old episode of The Big Bang Theory where Leonard had a girl in his room. Sheldon didn’t know the proper protocol because Leonard hadn’t followed the rules as outlined in the Roommate Agreement. So, Sheldon tears across the hall to Bang, Bang, Bang, Penny, Bang, Bang, Bang, Penny, Bang, Bang, Bang, Penny!
When she answered the door, my heart literally did flips. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone alive that beautiful. She was stunning! Of course, I know that Penny has worn plenty of clothes that have made her look hot. She has worn dresses and shorts, skirts, blouses, towels and all kinds of other combinations that knock us all dead every time we see her.
But, look at her! Now, I ask you:
Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

What do you think?
Wouldn’t you say that this outfit is the one that has made Penny look her hottest?
Of course, she looks awesome no matter what she’s wearing or what she’s doing…

You See My Point?

You’ve Got To Love Her With Her Hair Up

hair up in a curly sexy

Or In A Red Dress

hot red dress

Or Looking At Herself In The Mirror

in the mirror

Or On The Floor

on bed

Or When She’s Beautiful Like This

on her back

She’s Always A Breathtaking Sight

on the red carpet in black dress

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