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Katy Perry, Katheryn Hudson Is Endearing Now More Than Ever

Am I in love with Katy Perry? Of course, I am. That’s a stupid question. I’ve been in love with her since she kissed a girl.
My love for her has grown with every hit because she loves to inspire. She’s not singing cotton candy hits that make you dance, but have no meaning. She plays a much bigger role in our lives.
How inspired were you when you heard her hit “Roar”? See! That’s what I’m talking about. You want to step out into the world and attack it when you hear a song like that.

She Has So Many Looks

But, what’s going on with her these days? Who is Katheryn Hudson?
Katy Perry is a persona that Katheryn Hudson took on to be able to get where she is today. And I’m not mad. Not even a little bit.
I think a lot of stars take on a different role when they become stars or to become stars. They have to step up and evolve. Some are only trying to give their audience what it wants. Some people completely sell out.

Every One Of Them Are Awesome

But it’s not a hard concept to understand that the person on stage, the person in the interviews, is not the same person they are at home. She dresses up on stage. She gets comfortable at home. She smiles and waves and puts on funny faces for the crowd. She lets her hair down and she relaxes at home.
She is a fireball of energy for the masses. She lies in bed and lounges on the couch when she’s at home. Is it that hard to understand? No, it’s not.

Even When She’s Goofing Off

But, that kind of public life can push some people to a limit. It can burn the energy. It can suck all the life out of a person and make them feel useless.
Adopting a persona can be a positive thing where a star can act one way in public and a total different way at home. But, it can also have a negative effect. It can make a person feel as if who they really are isn’t good enough. Would Katheryn Hudson have made it? Would she have made it as far as Katy Perry? Would the fans have adored her as much as they have embraced Katy Perry?

And Now She’s Short – Her Katheryn Hudson Look

I would like to think so. But, those are thoughts she might be having. Those are thoughts that do run through a person’s mind. And they can lead a very successful person down some very dark roads like the ones Katy Perry has been on…
It’s ironic that it seems the people who have it the most together are battling with the most complex issues deep down inside.

Her Vulnerable Confession

Watch The Full Session

Let Me Ask Something Though…

My daughter Mikayla Lynn on the left and Katheryn Hudson on the right. Do they look alike or what?

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