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Looks Like Beef Between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson Just Got Real

Actually, the beef was real! From the get go! But, Ghostface Killah has just been waiting patiently to hear if Action Bronson was going to take back his words.
He did diss Ghostface. But, damn! That response was more than anyone expected. Action Bronson apologized within hours of the video Ghostface made. But, is it enough? Or did Ghostface get exactly what he wanted?
First let me take you back so you know the whole story. . .
This is where Action Bronson says Ghostface Killah “ain’t rapping like this no more.” He said he needs to get out there and do something because he hasn’t done anything in a while. It lights up immediately when he says because even the hosts of the show are starting to flip about it.

Now, here is what Ghostface Killah finally came back with after he waited, and waited. He even says he called and he got the apology he expected. But, they were all taken down from Twitter. Now, why would that be?

After this video went viral, Action Bronson quickly recounted his steps and realized he was into something deeper than he imagined. So, he quickly posted this tweet and we’ll see how long this one stays up!

Also, we’ll see how far this beef goes!
Publicity stunt or real?

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