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Lucky Marine Gets Ronda Rousey For A Date To The Marine Ball With One Catch

When Jarrod Haschert posted his video on the internet, I wonder if he had any idea how far it was going to reach. Apparently, it got all the way to Ronda Rousey herself and she answered him.
I wish we had things like this back when I was in the Marine Corps. I had people I would have loved to have asked to the Marine Corpse Ball. But, enough of my jealousy!
Anyway, this Devil Dog is really lucky. Because, she said yes. But, there is a catch. He has to find dates for her three friends. Do you think he’ll be able to do it? I don’t think it will be that hard. All he’d have to do is look around at the three Marines standing closest to him. Might be some officers banging down the door and looking for some favors though. So, it might get a little awkward for the young Marine.
Congratulations anyway Devil Dog! Have a good time!
Oh and uh, this is what Ronda Rousey had to say, “He’s cute. He’s gotta be a gentleman, though, I’m not a first date kind of girl. But, I dunno, we’ll see when I meet him.”
Okay, now I know where her mind is! If Haschert plays his cards straight . . . I’m just going to leave that right there!

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