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Megan Fox Brings Even More Awesome To 'New Girl'

Of course, Jess and Cece were holding their own on New Girl. I was happy just watching them. They made the show. But, Megan Fox brings even more awesome.
It’s like we didn’t know the show was missing something. We would have been just fine had it never been revealed to us that what the show was missing was the awesomeness of Megan Fox. I literally got depressed when she was at the airport in “Goosebumps Walkaway.”
I loved the direction Schmidt and Cece were going. I liked that they got back together. I loved it when Nick and Jess were together. The show had a lot to offer me. But, “Goosebumps Walkaway” was like they were taking something away from me that I had grown to love.
She brought something new to the show and it was going to be missed. The thing is though that she hooked up with Nick. Well, it wasn’t a hook up in that sense. They made out a few times and it was very clear they had feelings for each other. So, that gave me hope.
But, they talked about Reagan. Nick would mention her name a few times. They were having a long distance relationship, which meant that she wasn’t on the show even though she was part of the show. What a rip off!
Having Megan without having Megan is like getting drunk on near beer. It’s like eating marshmallows when you’re starving. It’s not cool. She was part of the show, but she wasn’t actually on the show. And then, it happened.
She came back in “Christmas Eve Eve,” of course that’s ten episodes into the season. The journey was long and dark. It got a bit cold at times. But, she’s back and she has been in every episode since.
Whoever thought of putting her on the show in the first place was pure genius…

I Mean Look At Her

under the hood

But, Her Looks Aren’t All She Brings To The Table

the look

She Brings Attitude

Makes you want to read King Lear doesn’t it?

She Brings The Cool

on the bed

She’s Paralyzing

She knows it too!

She’s Flawless Grace

in a chair

I could highlight all her clips. Every scene she does is worth preserving and coming back to watch from time to time. But, that would make this article extremely long and you have to move on with your life eventually. So, I have selected only a few and it was a tough selection process.
I like the scenes that put Nick and her together. Of course, that begins with her checking out the apartment. But, it’s a procession from him realizing that he has a crush on her and then that she likes him too. She cant believe it. But, it’s true.
Stick around for the bonus clip. It’s a scene that was deleted from This Is 40.

Reagan And Cece Hooked Up

Schmidt Freaks Out Over Reagan And Cece

Nick’s Being Hardheaded

She Admits It

Bonus Clip: Deleted from This Is 40

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