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Meredith Vieira and Millionaire

Is it just me or is anyone else secretly in love with Meredith Vieira? Ok, my secret exists no longer. But of all the women in this world everyone else is drooling over, I find her absolutely amazing.
I watch Millionaire. Not to learn anything or to watch how much people win. But, to watch her. I watch Today and hate when she doesn’t get enough coverage. She’s refreshing.
Ok, so maybe I’m not in love. That’s a bit drastic. And she’s married, I know. I have great respect for the institution of marriage.
So, what is it? While the rest of the world is drooling over Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, I’ve got the hots for Meredith Vieira.
Well, I think it’s because she’s beautiful, intelligent and down to earth. She scored a 1330 on her SATs her Junior year in High School. She could outdo some of the models on the catwalk, but she chooses to be in television and can practically do whatever she wants. Her career has been amazing. It’s compiled of good decisions that has her reportedly making about 5 million a year.
But beautiful and high powered or not, she is so down to earth and I love it. High powered women tend to get wrapped up in their careers and bypass family because they think if they get out of the rat trap, they’ll never be able to get back into it. Beautiful women can tend to get so wrapped up in themselves that having family is out of the question. Notice the word “tend” in both of those sentences because I don’t like stereotyping or classifying people in any way. In fact, Meredith would be the reason why.
Meredith is more your Jennifer Aniston beautiful. Jennifer could also knock them dead on the catwalk, but chooses to keep herself down to earth. And they both have a beautiful disposition toward family. They are all about it. In fact, in Meredith’s own words, “Honestly, I’m living my fantasy. It’s being with my family, preferably on a snowy afternoon with a fire going, cuddled up in blankets, playing a game. My family fulfills me.” December 21, 2004 Woman’s World.
Now if you asked, that’s the kind of woman who does it for me!
I wrote an article about the 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World. But, this thing I have for Meredith just started recently. If I were to write that article over again, I would certainly mention her.

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