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Miley Cyrus in Surprising Video

When I think of Miley Cyrus, I can’t help it.  I think of a little girl I’ve watched grow up in front of a camera.  My daughter has been watching her show Hannah Montana since it first came out on the air.
I’ve had to buy Hannah Montana toys and videos for years.  I remember one stage where the Hannah Montana doll sings and all the music plays, especially The Best of Both Worlds.  I had to hear that a hundred times a day.  I know the words by heart.
imageSo, I’ve seen the show.  I think it’s a cute show.  Her brother is hysterical.  Billy Ray is down to earth.  I was impressed when I first found out he was her real father.  I thought that was a cool gig, to work with your daughter so that you can really watch her grow up safe and sound.
But, it’s a kid’s show.  I wouldn’t sit around watching it by myself.  I was spoon fed the show by my daughter who is too adorable to take the answer no.
Imagine my reaction when my daughter wanted me to watch the movie with her.  I rolled my eyes thinking, “I can do a half an hour, but a whole movie.”  But like I said, it was my daughter’s pouty bottom lip and sad eyes that make a father melt.
I think it was about five seconds into the movie when I realized I was actually going to like it.  It’s real.  It’s solid.  The story makes sense.  The photography highlights her in the best possible way even when she’s not supposed to be cute.
It’s star studded.  They pull celebrities in left and right.  I have to be honest, some of them seem even bigger than Miley…in her own movie.  Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift just to name a few.
There’s a bad guy, the journalist who knows he’s onto something big when he finds out there’s a secret.  He doesn’t know what the secret is, but he’s determined to break the story for his magazine.  He follows her everywhere just to see if he can get a glimpse inside her real life.
imageThere’s drama.  Her father thinks she’s slipping too much into Hannah Montana and forgetting about her roots.  So, he takes her home to see her grandma just when Hannah was supposed to be at an award show in Los Angeles.
She’s reluctant at first, borderline brat in fact.  But as the onion peels, the layers keep coming off until deep down inside, the real Miley finally starts to appear.  The drama is touching, not overdone, balanced perfectly for which I have to give the writers credit.  They found a way to give the kids, her fans, what they want while making sure adults can enjoy the movie too.  I have to admit, that’s a tough combination to find sometimes.
imageThere’s a love interest.  She meets her elementary school friend who is now working for her grandmother over the summer.  She soon learns she has feelings, but not sure if he feels the same about her.
Finally, there’s a whole lot of fun.  There are some scenes that just get you rolling.  You literally laugh with Miley as she’s playing a practical joke on someone or just trying to break the monotony at a formal dinner.  I found myself actually laughing and there are times I don’t even do that at a comedy club, when the comedian was actually funny.
To give you an example, here’s a scene from the movie called the Hoedown Throwdown:

You might want to learn the dance.

Right about now, you’re probably trying to teach yourself that dance.  I did!
So, it’s just an idea, but it will make a great moment if you get the movie and surprise your child or children with it.  I know you’ll have a memory you will not soon forget.


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