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Monk, Miley, Fort Hood and Other Things to Say

I’ve got a good bit of things to say today. So, I thought I would just get to it. I know it’s not my style. But, I have brought you a vintage video that captures my spirit while you read my words.
The first thing I have to comment on is all the stink about Miley Cyrus.  Pole dancing is her latest flop.  At the Teen Choice awards, she came out in high cut shorts and high riding boots.  A trailer behind her and a pole in front of her.  Years ago she made scandal because she appeared “nude” in Vanity Fair.  I say, leave the girl alone.
See, the media is irresponsible and there is no way to hold it accountable.  It’s a chaotic mass of contradictory messages that blow haphazardly with the wind.  They tear Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan down as if they live by higher standards.  They waited patiently for the bow to break on Christina Aguilera, but it never did.  Now, it’s like they want to see Miley crumble.  Leave the girl alone.  She’s about the purest thing Hollywood has to offer these days.
But, that’s the media for you.  Remember when they talked about the O.J. Simpson car chase as if it was high speed?  That is until someone called them out on it and then they started accurately portraying it as a low speed chase.  Remember, the whole nation was watching?  We knew what we saw.  They tried to peddle their own B.S.  But, we knew what we saw LIVE.
More recently, everyone was getting on the Octomom’s back about everything from her lip job to wanting money for pictures of her kids.  Then, someone called them out on it and said everyone was being too hard on her.  That was the first time I learned her real name is Nadya Suleman.
The fact of the matter is that there are so many media flip flops and it’s funny when you get to watch Jon Stewart point these things out on The Daily Show.  While the media itself flip flops daily, they are eager to point out the flip flops of let’s say such people as George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and John McCain.
So, there is no accountability at all.  And yes, I do believe that the media is comprised of individuals who all have the right to say as they wish.  I also strongly feel that the media tends to share views across the board and along with their constant mangling of the simplest stories, they obnoxiously over-exaggerate every morsel of information that comes their way.  Look at the recent “Boy in the Balloon” incident.  But, the story about a high school girl getting raped by several guys while onlookers do nothing gets a day at best in the news.
Moving to my next remark, I am sad that this Veteran’s Day is marred by The Fort Hood shootings.  I don’t know what it will all mean when the dust settles.  Is it proof that there is aggressive activity against the United States?  Is it going to cause us to make changes and sort through our complex web of conflicting resolutions?  We can’t strip our military of the right to worship.  But, we can’t tolerate direct opposition to our military from within our military either.  Wow!  I’d hate to be the one to have to sort that out.
All I have to say at this point is, it is not the military’s fault that such a man made it so high in rank.  Our military is given strict orders to refrain from violating anyone’s personal rights.  “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is just one example of the type of orders our military has been given.  In this particular case, we have Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan practicing his religion.  Our military is given an order to allow him to worship as he wishes.
Confusion!  Absolutely!  But, we don’t think of these things while we stand on the outside.  Now, we are wondering why our military didn’t speak up when they should have.  Probably, because they didn’t know how.  How do you go about reporting a high ranking individual for 1) Speaking his mind and 2) Being Muslim?
Answer:  You don’t!
We tie our military’s hands behind their backs and then wonder why they didn’t do something when they had the chance.


Having said that, I move on to Monk.  I am really going to hate to see the show go now that it’s in its last season.  I want Monk to figure out who killed his wife.  I’m glad he has been able to come out of his shell a little bit.  I don’t think he belongs with a gun in his hand.  As smart as he is, you would think he would understand that himself.  While people are dying all around him, he would be polishing the bullets and putting them in his gun making sure each one was in alignment and that there was an even number.
But, the main question I have has been burning in my mind throughout the entire history of the show.  Why do things always seem to happen to Monk?  Isn’t it good enough that he is an awesome detective?  Couldn’t the show just simply be about Stottlemeyer calling Monk to investigate a crime that has him puzzled?
The show would work just fine that way.  In fact for viewers like me, it might be more powerful.  But, no.  They can’t do it that way.  They have to add to Monk’s involvement in each case.  It makes it really too unrealistic.  A guy comes across a murder once, maybe twice in his life.  But, Monk seems to always be involved somehow.
Take the last episode for example.  To impress the board deciding whether or not to hire him back as a police officer, Monk decides to help Randy take some boys camping.  While on the trip, they happen to run into the killers who are looking for evidence they might have left in those very same mountains.  Ok, otherwise Monk would not have been able to solve the case while he was off in the woods despising everything possible that there is to love about nature.
Not convinced yet?  Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy is about Monk’s insurance company placing a limit on how many therapy sessions he can take, which causes him to attend group therapy.  The killer is killing off everyone in that group because he confessed to something while he was in the group himself.  How is that for coincidence?
Mr. Monk and the UFO is about Monk and Natalie getting stranded in a small town where, while they are there, a murder takes place!  Are you getting this?
Mr. Monk and the Critic is about the critic himself being the killer.  Monk and Natalie attend the show because Natalie’s daughter is in it.  When she gets bad reviews, it casts suspicions on the critic.  Seriously?
Mr. Monk is Someone Else is about a mobster getting hit by a bus.  What could that possibly have to do with Monk…other than he looks exactly like the man and now he must act the part to get to the bottom of the crime.  Have you had enough?
There is just too much coincidence!
I believe that I am now purged of all the things that have been weighing on my mind lately.  These thoughts are not ordered from most important to least or visa versa.  They are strategically ordered to sandwich the heaviest of sentiments within the lightest ones.  Signing off.  Have a good day!

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