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Nik Wallenda Amazing High Wire Walk

Nik Wallenda High Wire WalkWith time on wire just under 23 minutes and running the last few steps, Nik Wallenda successfully finishes his amazing high wire walk in style! And what an amazing walk it was. He crossed the Grand Canyon of all places!
Other than what people see from a helicopter, Nik Wallenda had one of the most amazing views of the Grand Canyon anyone ever has. It’s an amazing view anyway. From standing at the top and looking down from the side to taking a donkey ride and descending into it, you get a sense of awe for the great wonder that is one of many on this beautiful earth.
But, imagine standing over it and looking down! That’s an amazing view. When Nik Wallenda thanks God for the view, I don’t blame him. Great job Nik! You did it!

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