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On 'Today,' Charlie Sheen To Make Huge Personal Announcement

I wouldn’t be surprised if Charlie Sheen came out and said he has HIV. But, how in the world does everyone seem to think that’s what he’ll say? It seems too obvious.
I love the blindside. You think one thing and another happens. The way it works is if people hype something up and then Charlie Sheen comes on Today and makes a totally different announcement. He could have anything! He could have cancer. He could have a flesh eating bacteria.
But, the whole world seems to think he has HIV. That’s because of his drinking, drugs and sex. But, he drinks Tiger Blood. He’s winning.
The real issue here is the leak. I hate the leak. That juicy bit of information that everyone wants to know because they are so curious. They don’t care about the privacy of someone.
True, it’s important that Charlie Sheen tell everyone he’s had sex with IF he does in fact have HIV. But, isn’t that still his private, medical business. Why can’t people leave it alone? Why can’t a person entrusted to that information keep it from leaking? How much did they get paid and is everyone for sale?

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