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Paltrow Explains the Vibe on Ellen

Gwyneth PaltrowWith my background in female conversations and the kinds of things they talk about, I wasn’t even the least bit shocked when Gwyneth Paltrow explained what all the fuss was about at the Iron Man 3 premier. Of course, at first I was with Ellen. I followed what Ellen was thinking when she was inquisitive about the leg showing. Why the need for a razor?
After all, the legs looks nice. The dress was amazing. And of course, Gwyneth Paltrow is People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World. So, what could possibly have been wrong with her legs that everyone had to clamor for a razor.
It appears, she rocks a 70’s vibe. I didn’t think anything of it! I still don’t! But when you look at the dress, you realize there might have been a need for a razor after of course, that explanation.
So, now we know more about Gwyneth Paltrow than we did before. Instead of a coffee table conversation in the privacy of someone’s home, this conversation took place on national television for everyone. And the media is just running away with it like they never heard anything like this before.
Ah, if anything it made her more sexy! And she didn’t need any more attention. She gets all a wonderful lady like her deserves. Rock that 70’s vibe Gwyneth!

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