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Penny And The Big Bang Theory Are Back: Time To Review Why We Love The Show So Much

The tenth season premiere of The Big Bang Theory has finally aired. By the way, give that some appreciation. In today’s definition, that’s a long standing show.
But, why do you like The Big Bang Theory so much? Have you ever thought about it? Is it to watch Sheldon as he believes he is the smartest person on earth, but he can’t figure out the simplest things in life?
Do you watch because Leonard comes across like a normal guy and you can forget the fact that he’s a genius? Is it to watch the ribbing that goes on between the four guys who are so smart, they almost miss out on having normal fun because they are off doing math to figure out what movie theater to go to?
It’s not any of those things and I don’t blame you. It’s the hotness of the actresses. That’s why you watch the show. These girls are hot. When Penny came on the show, she was all we needed. She was upbeat and beautiful. She didn’t get the guys half the time, but she didn’t judge them and she fit right in after a while.

She Is Definitely The Hot One


Changing On The Set


Getting The Guys’ Attention


Going To The Pool


Being Wonder Woman


And When She’s Not Even Trying


But, She Always Reminds Us How Totally Hot She Is


Then, Bernadette Came Along


Sweet And Overdressed


Her Cute Adorable Face Was All They Were Giving Us


They Weren’t Tying To Unleash The Hotness


The Total Sexy


Now Why The Hell Not?


We Watch The Show To See Her Too


But, The True Hidden Beauty


This is Amy


She’s Great At Hiding

she's great at hiding

How Gorgeous She Actually Is


The Side Of Her You Don’t See On The Show


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