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Quentin Tarantino Adds A Whole New Dimension To The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Quentin Tarantino has admitted to knowing about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault allegations and he didn’t do more about it. This revelation takes the conversation to another level. Of course, the main problem lies with the predators who need to quit using their position to take advantage of people.
But, how do these guys keep getting away with it time after time? We’ve established that these crimes often go unreported because the victims don’t want to ruin their careers. But also, predators are being enabled by the bystanders and the people who know, but never say or do anything.
Some people have criticized Tarantino for his response to the Weinstein scandal. But, I think it was about as honest as you can get. At least I know that even when he’s in the wrong, he’s always going to be real. He apologized instead of scrambling for excuses and that’s the kind of leadership this whole issue needs.
There are plenty of people who can relate to Quentin Tarantino. How many times have people turned a blind eye to what they knew was wrong because it was a friend? How many times has someone kept doing wrong because his friends refused to call him out on it?

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Just like the victims who didn’t come forward because they didn’t want to get destroyed in Hollywood, the Good Ol’ Boy network works the same way. There is pressure not to say anything. There is a silence among friends because there are consequences to going against the popular kids.
Of course, Quentin Tarantino didn’t have to worry about losing work. He’s a big guy himself in Hollywood and no one can take him down. Or could they?
We’ve watched how fast Harvey Weinstein has lost everything. It started with getting fired from his own company. Then, his wife left him. Then, his credentials got stripped. Now, he’s under investigation in L.A. as well as the U.K. This all happened within days.

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So, the threat is real. Only this time, it happened to the right person. Great people weren’t torn down because of what they weren’t willing to do or because they wanted to blow the whistle. This time, the bad guy lost. He lost everything and now he might be going to prison where he will face the same fate as his victims, over and over, for years and years.
At least we know one thing’s for sure. It’s a false sense of power and anyone can be brought to his knees. So just like the brave victims who have come forward to take a stand against sexual assault and sexual harassment, there is no longer an excuse for standing-by and doing nothing. If you know something, you owe it to the victim to at least confront the predator.

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