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Real Beauty Takes Back Primetime

I’m sure you can recall back in April when I published my article The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. I named at least three women who made the Most Beautiful Woman in the World list.  Some of them might be missing, but the truly beautiful of Hollywood have taken on Primetime by storm.
Dana DelanyDana Delany on Body of Proof, is the sexy Medical Examiner at the General Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She certainly lights up the room on Tuesday nights when Body of Proof hits the airwaves.  I wrote an original review about the show that the personal life of Dana Delany was cleaned up a little too fast. Dana came storming in as a tough medical examiner, but lightened up particularly quick…within minutes in fact as I recall.
Now we rely on her expertise, which is the way it should be. The fact that she’s good at what she does is enough of a dynamic for the show.  It doesn’t need any more than that, and I’m glad it has settled into itself to give us a good storyline to watch without extra drama that isn’t necessary. The combination means the story will be around a lot longer, which means Dana will be around a lot longer. I’m a huge fan of that!
On Thurday nights, we’re watching Jenna Fischer  again. Of course, Jenna is pregnant. But, she is still Jenna Fischer Celebrity Advocate Todaybeautiful. It’s not just that she’s a such a beautiful lady. I mean when she came out on the cover of Shape magazine, our jaws dropped. The first thing that came through my mind was where in the world has this drop dead gorgeous knockout been.
I had been watching The Office and I knew very well who Jenna Fischer was.  In fact, I thought she was a beautiful secretary. But, they kept her conservative.  She even wore glasses once.  There was never any makeup and they did it on purpose.  Then, she blows our minds with that magazine cover.
But, that’s not all we like about her. We love her sense of humor. We love that she can take a joke as well as give a few.  That brings her home to us.  She’s the girl next door!  But, we were never that lucky to live next to that door.
Angela Kinsey Celebrity Advocate TodayAngela Kinsey stars right beside Jenna at The Office. She really is an unexpected beauty too.  But, when you take off the Amish look and put something sexy on that girl, watch out! Get ready for a totally different lady to come walking through those doors.
Then of course, there’s Julie Bowen on Modern Family Wednesday nights. I have been head over heels for JulieJulie Bowen Celebrity Advocate Today since she was Virginia in Happy Gilmore, and don’t act like you can’t remember which one she was.  All you have to do is think of the happy place!
But, I’ve followed her through playing Aunt Gwen in Dawson’s Creek, Meg Harper in Joe Somebody, Carol in Ed, and then Denise in Boston Legal. Of course, I loved her in Jumping the Broom, Multiplicity and even when she played a little role in Monk.  That’s because she’s one of those stars who, if she’s in it, I’m watching it!
sofia vergara celebrity advocate todayBut now that she’s in Modern Family, she has a little competition.  Another very beautiful lady is stealing the show!  Well, they are sharing it together and they are each holding their own.  Sofia Vergara plays the spicy Gloria, the young wife of the rich father, Jay Pritchet, played by Ed O’Neill. Sofia didn’t make it to my list of beautiful women and that really is a shame.  I’m going to have to talk to the board, who made all the decisions.
Sofia adds a great deal of humor to the show because of her thick Spanish accent.  Often misunderstood, she even is targeted as the butt of the joke at times.  But, her firey attitude and common sense approach make her a very lovable person you don’t want to cross.  If she says there are ghosts in the house and there is only one way to get them out by making a certain kind of food, then start cooking…even if that is a joke she played on Jay.  He’d be an idiot not to do anything she tells him!
And finally wrapping up Tuesday nights is another star who didn’t make the most beautiful woman in the Nancy Travis Celebrity Advocate Todayworld list. I really have to hire better board members to make these decisions! Nancy Travis is the beautiful wife of Tim Allen in Last Man Standing.  She won’t be playing merely a sidekick, even though he has managed to keep his sense of humor and it is coming across nicely on the show.
No, Nancy can hold her own beside Tim Allen. Her lines support the humor and come from a real place. Nancy is a perfect actress who can pull off the real, family mother and wife type roll even though she has a range that can reach other roles as well. But, you find yourself watching her even when Tim is talking and he’s launching some real zingers.  You still can’t help but catch yourself following her around the scene.
Primetime has become a beautiful place to be.  I just gave you six good reasons.  That is if you like watching beautiful women in your shows like I do!

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