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The Real Story Behind Carrie Underwood’s Appearance At The ACM Awards

Fans were dying to see Carrie Underwood for the first time since her injury. She’s a favorite on the ACM’s as well as the CMA’s. Carrie Underwood is one of America’s favorites and there is no point trying to argue.

So, the anticipation was getting to everyone. The fans just wanted to see her sing live once again. The thing is that some people were more interested in seeing something else.

Of course, Carrie Underwood did make the announcement that she had sustained injuries from a fall. First, she said she hurt her wrist. Then, she revealed that she also had cut her face in the same accident and required stitches.

And The Fans Reacted

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood is not known for how beautiful she is. She’s known for how great she can sing. How beautiful she is has nothing to do with how great she can belt out a tune. But there is no denying, she is gorgeous.

Can’t Even Take A Bad Selfie

Carrie Underwood
So, fans were upset when they heard she required stitches on her face. I personally can’t imagine Carrie Underwood not being beautiful. Even if she had a huge scar running down the side of her face, I would still think she was beautiful. But, that’s just me.

That’s Not The Actual Story Though

Carrie Underwood
The story is that she performed her latest single last night “Cry Pretty.” Doesn’t that spin irony around in circles.
You can pretty lie and say it’s okay.
You can pretty smile and just walk away.
Pretty much fake your way through anything.
But you can’t cry pretty.

Carrie Underwood Takes The Stage

Carrie Underwood
That’s how hard on each other we are in this world. Carrie Underwood was feeling that kind of pressure. She’s a singer. That’s why her fans buy her music and blast her on the radio as they drive down the road. But, she was worried what they would think when they saw her for the first time after her injury.

If a famous singer measures her worth by the beauty of her face, her fans have failed her. But, that’s not the case here. Her fans didn’t make a big deal out of what she would look like once she healed. Once again, that was the news hyping it up and they wouldn’t stop talking about it.

I got tired of hearing it. I couldn’t believe what a stir the news was making about Carrie Underwood and her face. She’s an awesome lady. She has been since winning American Idol and the phenomenal things she has done after. I love the songs she sings and I love hearing her voice. She will always be beautiful to me.

‘Cry Pretty’ At The ACM Awards

I know that was a tease. Here’s the official video if you haven’t heard the song yet or you missed the ACM Awards last night for some lame reason.

Carrie Underwood Official ‘Cry Pretty’

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