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Remember When Carlos Mencia Joked About ‘The Wall’ In 2006?

Of course, the controversy in 2006 was about Carlos Mencia’s habit of stealing jokes. He really did anger a good portion of the comedian community. He didn’t steal jokes from everyone. But, he wasn’t apologetic at all about the jokes he was caught stealing.

If it’s one community that’s pretty tight, that’s the comedian community. Comedians do a circuit where they tour the country and do shows in different venues from city to city. Some of them rise to fame while others remain in the circuit for years. Some of them never get out of it. It’s a tough industry and comedians often bond over the struggle.

A comedian stealing jokes from other comedians is not a good thing. In fact, there is video of Joe Rogan getting on stage with Carlos and confronting him about it. But, that’s not really what this write-up is about.

The other night, I was reminded about this joke from years ago. Ari Shaffer first told it back in 2004. There’s a clip of Carlos telling it in 2006 and then, D.L. Hughley and George Lopez also tells it. The joke is about a proposal to build a wall to protect our Southern border.

Not that I forgot about those discussions way back then. But, I did forget this footage. This has been a conversation for at least fifteen years. It’s definitely not something we just recently started talking about.

It’s just that it seems Donald Trump may have missed the joke. Ari Shaffer, Carlos Mencia, D.L. Hughley, and George Lopez among others who told the joke or entertained the thought were talking about who would be hired to build the wall. Of course, the punchline is that Mexicans would most likely be hired to build it. That’s a joke that probably would not fly today.

But, that was the joke back then. The thing is that no one ever expected the Mexicans to pay for it. That’s where Donald Trump got it wrong. Only that they would build it. 

Don’t shoot the messenger by the way. I’m just bringing it up to remind you since some things get missed sometimes in the mix when people are all hot and heavy fighting for their own political ideology. This is just a gentle reminder that this issue is not new. 

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