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Ricky Gervais Back Again at the Golden Globes…Can't Wait!

Ricky GervaisLast year, Ricky Gervais made a huge splash at the Golden Globes.  I personally believe he was at his best.  But, Hollywood didn’t take it so lightly.  Some celebrities were absolutely astonished, and a few spoke out about how they felt degraded.
Robert Downey Jr. said the jokes were, “…hugely mean-spirited, with mildly sinister undertones.”
Robert! I’m a fan. Have been since Weird Science. Relax! Enjoy the good time and learn how to laugh, not only at everyone else but also at yourself.
In fact, even Ricky was questioning his own future with the Golden Globes or with Hollywood itself for that matter.
This is what I had to say at Entertainment Look, “Well, they’re licking their wounds and the buzz is going around town whether or not Gervais has a future with the Golden Globes. For their own sake, I would hope so. Because after this airing, I’m certain viewership will rise every time he’s asked to host.”
After a year of reflection, it appears Hollywood has fallen victim to the “Puppy Dog Syndrome.” It’s a widely spread dysfunction that resembles traits of when a puppy gets treated badly, but stays obsessively loyal to its owner as it ages.  So, it is with Hollywood.  They feel the need to be abused again.  Who better to do that than the master who stole the show last year!  Let’s bring back Ricky Gervais!
Mark my words…better ratings than last year.  I might even venture to say, best ratings ever.  Let’s see when the numbers come out!

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