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James Corden Takes Selena Gomez Beyond Carpool Karaoke On This Hilarious Roller Coaster Version

When you’re on a roller coaster, the last thing you’re thinking about are the words to your favorite song. You go up the first climb and you have anxiety in your throat. It makes some people vomit.
Then, you start the ride with your first drop and it makes you scream out of your mind. That’s what roller coasters are good for. Imagine trying to ride the roller coaster while doing karaoke like James Corden in his “Carpool Karaoke” skit.
Well, that’s what they did. And it is hilarious! Selena Gomez went along for the ride and she is really into the song. He’s trying. But, he’s fighting the urges to scream out of his mind as the roller coaster turns and winds around the rails. He’s doing a good job holding back the fear as he tries to sing the words and keep up with Selena Gomez who appears to be having no problem at all.

Roller Coaster Karaoke

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