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Saints Pull It Out

Today was a day that almost gave me a heart attack.  We’ve literally kicked the pants off of most teams we’ve played this year in an attempt to go undefeated.  But, Washington comes along and actually gives the Saints a good run for their money.

What happened?  I don’t know.  I didn’t get to watch the game.  I live in Tampa, Florida and I had to watch either Tampa or Miami.  So, I called my friend in Maryland who loves Washington and I asked him to keep me updated.

Well, he had fun calling me and telling me about the Washington touchdowns and field goals.  But, the one thing he said that really cracked me up, “Don’t worry Mike.  Washington always finds a way to lose.”

Well, it was close.  Down to the last minute behind 23-30, until finally I saw the highlight on the Tampa game my friends and I were watching.  30-30.  Overtime.  Saints win the toss.  Saints get the ball and they capitalize.  33-30.  12-0.

Marching toward an undefeated season is not at all unreasonable to think at this point.  We see Atlanta next week.  Then, we see Dallas, Tampa and finish off the season with Carolina.  Either one of these games could jump up to bite us on the bum.  But, it is feasible that we could win them all too.

Trivia:  The other team that is undefeated at this point is Indianapolis, whose star quarterback is Peyton Manning.  No, that’s not the trivia part.  But, this is.  Peyton’s father, Archie was quarterback for the Saints.

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