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Sayonara Maurice Sendak

maurice sendak where the wild things areI grew up with the poster on my wall. Well, I was around four or five when I can first remember. It was comforting in a weird way.
A poster of monsters on the wall at the age of five would normally scare a kid. But, these were different monsters. They were nice monsters.
I loved the illustrations. Each character had its own quirks. Human feet, horns on its head, and that’s just one of the guys. The rest were just as quirky.
Maurice Sendak was that one author in my generation. There is one author in every person’s generation who was truly capable of reaching the children readers. Dr. Seuss stands the test of time in many different generations. But, I’m talking about something a little more intimate than that.
I’m talking about the author who touches that one generation so strongly that when they grow to be adults, they try to recapture that spirit they felt when they were kids. The remaking of Where the Wild Things Are a few years ago is evidence that Maurice Sendak was the author of my generation. We all grew up and then looked back on our childhoods for that one thing that was missing, that one thing we had put away a long time ago.
We finally found it! It was Where the Wild Things Are. Thank you Maurice Sendak! You gave me something I can cherish from my childhood! Not many people can say they had that kind of impact on others.

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